A physics-based puzzle-platformer about the importance of friendship! Gather your friends in a conga line and help them save their endangered planet, but beware: the longer the chain, the harder to control! On the other hand, journeys are better with friends on your side.


Unity, FMOD, Git, Blender, Substance, A full list of Unity plugins used is available in the game credits

Project scope

2.5 years prototyping (part-time, 2 ppl), 1 year production (full-time, 4 ppl), 2018-2022

Release: 10 Feb. 2022



Nintendo E-Shop


Giant Door


Corrado Mariani (Game Design)

Jonas Delleske (Producing + Development)

Leonie Wolf (Character Art)

Melissa Perl (Environment Art)

Vadim Nickel (Music + Sound Design, freelance)


I took care of the heavy lifting programming for example the character controller or makeing sure the game runs smoothly on Switch. But I also created our agile process and did the things necessary to ship the project in time and budget.

On the company side i took care of managing the finances, contracts and HR.

Project development

Derpy Conga started as a gamejam project for Ludum Dare. I joined Corrado after the gamejam and we started developing the prototype in our free time. In 2020 we got a grant from the Film und Medienstiftung NRW that allowed us to go full-time on the project and grow the team with Leonie and Melissa. Our goal was to release Derpy Conga on Switch and PC after a year of production.