Drawnes is a multiplayer game that has two different play styles. One player plays the drone-module on the host computer and all other players the draw-module on their smartphones. All players share one big screen where the game runs. The drone-module plays like an arcade shoot’em up game with a serious twist. The targets or enemies for the shooter are created by the draw-module players. They draw figures on their phones and then send them to the screen where they appear as targets in the same formation as the drawing.

The game is an installation and thus can run without a player and is designed for players to drop in and out whenever they want to.


Arthur Eckmann: Game Design

Jeremy Lonien: Game Design

Jonas Delleske: Game Design

Till Gilsbach: Art

Utz Stauder: Programming

Project scope

6 weeks, 2016


Unity, HappyFunTimes framework, Git, Photoshop


Project on GitHub