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Game Description

Kyklos Code, a first person action puzzler, sends you into your computer to defeat a virus. The virus has full control over your data and resets you to your starting location every 10 seconds. The only way to fight back is by manipulating the reset state of objects and activating new reset locations to ultimately find the virus and destroy it.


Steam game preview


Unreal Engine 4, FMOD, Blender, Git

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Josefine Maier (Art)
Leonie Wolf (Art)
Jonas Delleske (Game Design, Programming)

Freelancer: Juan Orjuela (Audio)

Project scope

6 month (full time work), 2017


Game design:

We developed the concept of Kyklos Code together as a team then I created mechanics that would work well with the concept of a 10sec reset. I tested those mechanics in various prototypes (digital and paper). When I was sure that I found the right mechanics that were fun and interesting I started greyboxing levels in UE4. With those first levels we conducted a playtest session and found out that we had a nice and fun concept. I created new puzzles and let them playtest to improve them based on the feedback. Meanwhile we thought about the theme and setting of the game, defined an art style and Josefine and I created the story and dialog.


I programmed most parts of the game in Unreal Engine's Blueprint system. Including: game logic, mechanics, UI, glitch post-processing shader, etc.

Only some file IO needed C++.

first play test KPIs

Additional Learnings


Writing marketing texts for Kyklos Code, PR basics, building press/ influencer lists to contact, creating a marketing plan


company founding basics, German tax basics, using Steamworks

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