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Imagine a world that only exists when you see it. Whenever you look around you see something completely new coming to life. This is the world of Sector A23. A beautifully generated cave system, filled with alien plants and mysterious creatures, giving room for endless exploration. Whatever you see, has never existed before.


Jonas Delleske (Programming, Project Management)

Balint Mark (Game Design)

Joao Oliveira (Art)

Marek Skudelny (Programming)

Lena Werthmann (Art)

Dürbeck & Dohmen (Sound)


Unity, Procedural Generation (marching cubes), Slack, Trello, Git, Google docs, Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop


Project scope

6 weeks, 2016


"The world only exists when you see it." - That was the initial idea of this project and part of my contribution to Sector A23 was to make sure we stick to that vision. The other part involved programming a procedural generation system together with Marek. The system should be able to generate the game world in real-time each frame. We decided to use Perlin noise and marching cubes to generate the cave world. Seeds PROCJAM Zine Issue 1 p. 11

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